Green Roofs


What is a green roof?

A green roof is sort of like having a garden on your roof. It has a layer of soil and grass on it, making the owner able to plant vegetables and fruits on the surface if they desire. There are two types of green roofing, extensive and intensive.

The extensive roof is a bit thinner than intensive with minimal soil and grass on top of it. The intensive roof is thicker and may need more labor in care while it is growing. Of course, because it is thicker you can grow a bigger variety of plants and foods on it.

Green roofing is a great addition to a home if you are looking for your home to be in support of the environment.

They are roofs that involve water-proofing and other systems that include plant growth. These roofs are usually covered with plants or some form of vegetation and bring many benefits to the environment it’s installed in. A green roof is a very unconventional and eco-friendly touch to your home or business.


6 Reasons to Get A Green Roof

1. Having or getting a green roof will extend the lifespan of your roof. It will be better at dealing with wind, rain, and other weather conditions that would be a bit harder on a regular roof.

2. Green roofs help contribute to the green thumb lifestyle. With a green roof, you’ll be in less need of an air conditioner and heat during the winter.

3. These roofs improve air and wildlife habits.

4. You can actually grow a garden of fruits, vegetables, and herbs on a green roof. This is perfect for farmers, botanists, herbalists, and other types of people with natural or green lifestyles.

This may even be more efficient and easier to maintain than an entire greenhouse which is more costly and requires more labor.

5. Green roofs are better at blocking sound and keeping the outdoor ambiance to a minimum, that way you can be completely at peace when you are inside.

6. They are good for absorbing stormwater which prevents the water from traveling to other parts of the home, which would then cause more damage.

Important Facts

Having a green roof will not only improve the style and quality of your own life, but also the lives and atmospheres of the animals and plants that surround you and your home. If you are a true supporter of sustainability and natural living, green roofing may be the option you need to take into consideration.

Remember that before you get a green roof you consult a professional to make sure that you get the best installation possible, and in the safest way. Calvert County Roofing has professional roofers that are trained and educated on the ins and outs of green roofing. Look to us if you are looking for an installation at an affordable price that can be completed in a timely manner.

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